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Assignments, Tests & Exams

For all the online courses offered by the School of Continuing Studies (SCS), students will be evaluated by the course work assigned by their instructors. The course work for each course usually involves assignments, test(s) and a final exam. Students should find out, at the beginning of the course, the due dates of the assignments, the date(s) set for the test(s) and for the final exam in order to avoid any conflicts with personal schedules. Students can find out the information from their course outlines.


Because all the online courses use Blackboard as the teaching/learning management system, students are expected to submit their assignments on their course sites. They will have to download each assignment to their own computer and complete and save it locally. Their instructor will set up each assignment in a way that allows the students to upload their completed assignment to the appointed place. Students should read the instructions provided by their instructor about how to submit assignments online before uploading and submitting an assignment.

The Assignment set-up in Blackboard allows a student to check through My Grade link whether an assignment has been uploaded/submitted successfully. Under My Grade, a student can find out whether or not the assignment has been marked, the mark given and the comments made by the instructor.


Not all the online courses have online test(s). For those that have online test(s), the test(s) will be timed. Students will be given a period of time to prepare and write the test(s). Once the “Begin” button has been clicked, the system will automatically count down the time and the test screen will close when the allowed time has been reached. The test format includes multiple choice, true and false and/or essay questions. Students are advised to save their answers frequently during a test.

The online testing program allows students to find out their own test scores and the instructor to track the test results.

In the event that a test cannot be continued because of a freezing screen or the system does not allow the submission, students should e-mail the problem right away to their instructor who will decide what option should be given.

Final Exams

Not all online courses require a final exam. The course/section information on the SCS website can tell whether there is a final exam or not. For courses that require a final exam, students will have to apply for their exam by informing the School which course they have registered in and where they want to write their exam. Students have to submit their final exam applications before or on the due date. The School will provide a list of existing test centres for students to choose from. For those who live in areas where there are no test centres or who live overseas, the School will work with the students to find a suitable place and a qualified invigilator.

All the final exams are scheduled on the last day of the course, usually on a Saturday. Students are expected to write their exams on the scheduled date. If a student has two final exams, one exam will be written in the morning and the second one in the afternoon. If a student has more than two exams to write, the School will make a special arrangement for the student to write the third or/and the fourth one on a different date.

For those who cannot write their final exam on the scheduled date for whatever reason, they can write an Alternate Examination on the next available scheduled date. The Alternate Examination Application Form can be downloaded from School’s website. The fee for an alternate exam is $150.00. An alternate exam is granted only once.

Students will be provided with the final exam application form and more details about the final exam process when they log into their course site.