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  • Learn the language that provides the background for English and the Romance languages.
  • Understand the language of the Roman Catholic church and the law for much of Western history.
  • Understand the culture on which much of Western civilization was built.

Latin was the language of the Roman Empire. Although it now has few fluent speakers, its influence remains in areas such as law and science. In this program you'll learn the basic structure of Latin and study its style and influence on Western civilization and the English language. You'll be able to read the language that scholars have treasured for two millennia, including Virgil's Aeneid and the lyric poetry of Catullus and Horace.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand and translate elementary Latin sentences into English.
  • Explore some of the literature and oratory that have inspired writers throughout Western history.
  • Achieve functional reading ability in Latin.
  • Become acquainted with some Latin epic poetry.

Certificate Requirement(s)

You must complete four consecutive courses in Latin within three years of the date you register, earning an overall average grade of A (80-100 per cent) and attending at least 80 per cent of classes at each level. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is not available for this certificate.

Important: Upon completion of your certificate requirements, you must request your certificate by submitting a Certificate Request Form.

Required Course(s)

Elective Course(s)


In-class courses are offered when enrolment numbers permit. Some courses or sections may be available only in alternate years or by private instruction.