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Conversational Chinese – Mandarin

  • Learn the world's most spoken language to make travel in China more enjoyable and show goodwill when meeting people in business or other settings.
  • Understand how the language reflects and influences Chinese culture.

Mandarin, or Modern Standard Chinese, is the most commonly spoken language in the world, with nearly 900 million speakers. Based on the speech of Beijing, it's the official language of China and Taiwan and is the formal standard written language for Chinese speakers of all dialects. By the program's end, you'll have reached A2 in the grid used by the Council of Europe's Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Some material from B1 will also be introduced.

What You'll Learn

  • Develop your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in Mandarin.
  • Know the basics of Mandarin, including the principles behind the formation of Chinese characters.
  • Express yourself and understand others in Mandarin, whether you're a traveller, student, business person with international contacts or have married into a Mandarin-speaking family.
  • Be able to exchange simple information on work and other topics and understand others.
  • Follow the gist of the news, other media, public announcements and messages.
  • Understand simple advertisements, menus, timetables and personal letters.

Certificate Requirement(s)

You must complete four consecutive courses in Chinese (Mandarin) within three years of the date you register, earning an overall average grade of A (80-100 per cent) and attending at least 80 per cent of classes at each level. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is not available for this certificate.

Important: Upon completion of your certificate requirements, you must request your certificate by submitting a Certificate Request Form.

Required Course(s)


In-class courses are offered when enrolment numbers permit. Some courses or sections may be available only in alternate years or by private instruction.