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FAQs for Creative Writing

What distinguishes the Certificate in Continuing Studies in Creative Writing at the School of Continuing Studies?
We offer a wide range of workshops in various genres, all taught by successful writers from the literary community Class sizes are limited to maximize individual attention to your writing. The Certificate can be taken on a part-time basis.

What are the requirements for the Certificate in Creative Writing?
The requirements for the Certificate in Creative Writing are detailed here.

What does the final project in Creative Writing consist of?
The final project is evaluated by a panel of writers from our instructor pool and the literary community. Candidates must submit a project from the following list:

  • A collection of poems, 40 pages in length
  • A collection of short fiction, 75 pages in length
  • A novella or excerpt from a novel, 75 pages in length
  • A script, screenplay or theatrical work, 75 pages in length

How do I register for the certificate in Creative Writing?
Simply register in relevant courses and notify our office by email of your intent to obtain the Certificate in Creative Writing. Our email address is learn@utoronto.ca.

You are automatically registered when you sign up for Creative Writing courses. There are no extra fees involved. You may register in courses online or by phone at 416-978-2400.

If I have taken Creative Writing courses at another institution, can I be exempted from taking certain courses?
Yes, you can apply for advanced standing for SCS 1664 Creative Writing. The cost is $150 for a Prior Learning Assessment.

If I have taken Creative Writing courses with the SCS in the past can I have them count towards the Certificate?
No, unfortunately we cannot offer evaluation on courses retroactively.