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School of Continuing Studies | University of Toronto

Passing the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) Exam

The 2014 CFA Exams Pass Rates

Our pass rates for students who completed our series of Passing the CFA workshops and successfully passed the CFA Certification Exam.

CFA Our Pass Rates (%) Industry Pass Rates (%)
Level I 86 42
Level II 92 46
Level III 94.4 54

The globally recognized Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation defines professional excellence within the global investment community. Passing the CFA® Level I Exam is the first step towards achieving this designation.

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CFA Level I (SCS 2645 Passing The Level One CFA in Eleven Sessions) – December 2015 exam**
CFA Level I (SCS 1526 Passing the CFA Level I Exam) – June 2015 exam*
CFA Level II (SCS 1766 Passing the CFA Level II Exam) – June 2015 exam*
CFA Level III (SCS 2064 Passing the CFA Level III Exam) – June 2015 exam*

* We are committed to your success. If, upon completion of your in-class course, you write the CFA exam and do not pass, you may attend the School’s next in-class CFA Prep course at no tuition charge, however, a $500 fee will be applied for materials and administrative costs.

**Students who attend this course and are unsuccessful in the December 2014 CFA Level I Examination, may join Passing the CFA Level One Exam (SCS 1526) in progress and enjoy a reduced tuition of 50% for that Course.

***Some conditions apply – ask your instructor for details.