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Certificate in Project Management Essentials

For recent graduates who want to develop essential job-ready employment skills now, and lay the foundation for career success to last a lifetime.

  • Gain an understanding of the latest project management concepts and equip yourself with the skills to apply proven techniques and best practices
  • Develop professional business communication and collaboration skills

Project management skills are in high demand by hiring organizations across many sectors. Why? Organizations use project management to adapt and change to achieve their strategy, solve business problems and meet competitive pressures to be successful. Employers need people who can be effective team members and collaborators, who understand the business thinking and practical approaches required to make projects work. Our project management essentials certificate will help you develop these skills and become an invaluable member of any team you work with.

If you’re new or have some exposure to project management, you’ll develop an understanding of essential terminology and learn how to apply the foundational tools, techniques, and practices needed to become an effective and contributing member of a project team. You’ll also gain more experience with in-demand skills that employers seek in MS Office (Word, Excel), scheduling software, document management and record keeping, meeting management, budgeting and communications. You’ll be introduced to practising project management professionals providing even more context and real-world advice about how project management is applied in the workplace.

By completing a variety of hands-on exercises you will come to understand key strategies, tools and practices and how to use them to manage projects successfully and deliver value.

Career Opportunities:

Project Management skills are useful across industries, you may apply your newly developed skills in a range of roles that may include project coordinator, project management associate, project control officer, estimator/project management. Project Management skills will continue to complement your knowledge and experience throughout your career as you advance through the ranks of any organization.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand the principles and language of project management
  • Develop the skills and knowledge to manage projects
  • Acquire people skills and the essentials of teamwork and collaboration vital for project success
  • Be effective working on and managing projects with the latest concepts, proven techniques and best practices

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