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Certificate in Digital Strategy & Communication Essentials

For recent graduates who want to develop essential job-ready employment skills now, and lay the foundation for career success to last a lifetime.

  • Understand the key trends and considerations in fast-changing digital and social media communications landscape.
  • Learn how to use key digital tools, channels, and platforms in a strategic way aimed at maximizing the power of your message.

In today’s online world, the ability to effectively deliver content and messages via digital platforms is essential to the success of every organization, entrepreneur, and anyone who finds themselves in the public spotlight. Global leaders in any field, from Apple to Amazon to Adele, all have a robust strategy in place to carefully manage their communications across digital, social, and multimedia platforms. Businesses that struggle to be competitive make the mistake of approaching these platforms without a cohesive strategy, leading to redundant or disparate communications, misspent time and energy, and even slipups that cause lasting damage to reputation. Creating and implementing a digital communications strategy ensures consistency and accuracy of messaging, selection of the best platforms for promotion, a tone that resonates with your audience.

Whether you’re totally new to this field or seeking to better understand how to utilize digital and social platforms, our experienced practitioners in the field will teach you everything you need to know to build your career in this rapidly changing environment. This program will familiarize you with a range of cutting edge topics including best practices, policies and procedures, analytics, content marketing, community management, legal, ethical and privacy issues, and sensitive communications. Upon completion of this program you will better understand the digital and social media landscape, recognize and respond to trends and learn how you can support your organization to stay ahead of the curve.

You will complete a variety hands-on projects and exercises; obtain real-time feedback from seasoned experts, while learning about the key strategies, tools, and practices necessary for achieving real and measurable results.

Career Opportunities:

Digital strategy and communication skills are useful across industries; you may apply your newly developed skills in a range of roles that may include: digital communications specialist, digital marketing specialist, digital media specialist, digital engagement coordinator, social media coordinator, social media specialist, digital marketer, communications specialist, marketing coordinator, digital content creator, blogger, online journalist. Skills developed in this program will continue to complement your knowledge and experience throughout your career as you advance through the ranks of any organization.

What You’ll Learn

  • Develop creative, measurable and relevant digital and social media plans and strategies.
  • Analyze emerging social media trends and their impact on marketing, communications, and trust.
  • Utilize social media and digital channels to engage customers, employees, and business partners.
  • Create digital communities for customers, improve relationships, and facilitate a culture of trust.
  • Use new digital, social, and mobile tools effectively and responsibly.
  • Measure and evaluate communications strategies and tactics.
  • Identify emerging issues and strategically manage real-time crises.
  • Career skills necessary to start and excel in a career in the digital communications field.

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