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Summer Professional Edge Program

About the Program

The School of Continuing Studies is proud to present the Summer Professional Edge Program, a new program designed specifically for recent graduates seeking to develop applied skills that translate across a range of industries to build on the exceptional competencies and knowledge developed within an undergraduate degree program.

In the Summer Professional Edge Program you can expect an intensive, challenging and immersive learning experience led by industry experts in one of three in-demand certificates. This program is designed to help you to hone in on what you want to do with your career and develop the skills you need to hit the ground running.

Complete a Certificate

Each four-week long daytime certificate program is designed specifically with recent graduates in mind – the content is fresh and compelling, and class sizes are small so you can connect with other learners in the same place as you: full of ideas and just starting out.

You will develop hands-on, applied skills, work on real-life projects from start to finish, develop essential business communication skills and participate in job-ready workshops including resume writing, networking and interviewing. You will also learn how to create an online profile that stands out from the crowd.

Upon successful completion of the program you will receive a University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies Certificate, an important credential to complement the knowledge and skills you have already worked so hard to develop, providing you with a supplementary set of skills as you embark on your career.

Who is this program for?

This program is open to all, however, it is designed specifically for recent graduates seeking an intensive full-time program to sharpen your job-ready skills.

What to Expect

Learning outcomes are different depending on the certificate you choose to pursue, however all certificates will include the following:

  • Expert Instruction. Instructors at the School of Continuing Studies are experts in their field with significant work experience They know what it’s like to start out and they also know what it takes to succeed in the workplace. They will work with you throughout the program to not only deliver exceptional content but to ensure that you are supported in achieving your goals.
  • Comprehensive Program Content Tailored for You. Typical Certificates at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies require completion of three courses. Each Summer Professional Edge Program certificate is a consolidated program with significant course content drawn from our three-course certificates, and tailored for an interactive daytime experience that integrates your learning, and prepares you for the modern workplace.
  • Project-based learning. You will work on a hands-on project inspired by a current industry challenge throughout the full four weeks of the program, resulting in a completed project that you can be proud of at the end.
  • Business Communications. Business communication skills are essential to success in any workplace. In this program you will leverage your past studies in a new way, and apply them to work specific reports, proposals and presentations. You will be challenged to develop and apply business communication skills that will help you throughout your career.
  • Career-ready Workshops. The U of T Centre for Career Exploration and Education will be providing career-ready workshops throughout the program. These workshops will help all learners to develop a stellar resume, learn skills that will prepare you for interviews and networking,  and create a professional online profile that stands out from the crowd.  Recent U of T alumni will also have access to the UofT job boards and be eligible for other excellent career ready programs, like Extern Job Shadowing.
  • Full-time Format. This is a full-time, intensive program. You should expect to be in-class, on campus every day for four weeks. There will also be homework and resources available online to support your individual learning and enrichment. The program is designed to emulate an intensive work environment – you will be expected to work by yourself, within a team and interact with others in the program through different networking opportunities. Just like work, the most fun is had when great work is accomplished!