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FAQs for Business & Professional Studies

Click on the questions below to view their answers:

General Questions

  1. How much time do I have to spend on these courses? How much work is there?
    The amount of work varies with each course, but you should be prepared to spend roughly 10 hours per week on readings and course work. There are different components to each course, which may include assignments, projects, mid-term tests, etc. The course work will be described in the course outline which is provided during the first class.
  2. Is there a final exam and if so, when is it and what is it worth?
    Each course has a final exam (or in a few cases, a final project). All exams are given on the last day of the course. The worth of the exam varies, but generally, the range is from 40%-60% of your final grade.
  3. What do I do if in the case of an emergency and am unable to write the final exam, mid-term test?
    If you are unable to write the final exam, you can apply for an Alternate Exam – the fee for this is $150.00. (Download an Alternate Exam form). If you are unable to write a mid-term, you must discuss this with the instructor before the mid-term test is given and arrangements are up to the instructor’s discretion – you will not automatically be given another chance to write the test.
  4. If I miss the first class, can I still register?
    If there is still room in the class, you will most likely be able to register for the course. You can contact our office to get details about the course outline or to get the instructor’s email or phone number. If you know you are going to miss a class during the term, you should discuss this with your instructor ahead of time to ensure you will not miss any important tests or assignment deadlines and make arrangements accordingly.
  5. Who are the other students in the class? If I’m working full time can I keep up with the work load? I’ve been out of school for a number of years – will I be able to keep up with the class? Can I take more than one course?
    Generally, our students are all working and are between the ages of 25-50. Even if you have been out of school for awhile, and are working, you should still be able to keep up with the demands of the course. It is recommended though that you start with one course per term.
  6. How big are the classes?
    Depending on the subject, class sizes range from 24 – 40.
  7. What do I receive at the end of the course?
    Upon successful completion of the course, you will be sent an Grade Report which provides your name, the name of the course, when you took the course and the mark you achieved on it. There is an official seal on this Report.
  8. Are textbooks required and if so, are they included in the cost of the course? Where do I get the textbooks?
    Almost every course requires a textbook, which is not included in the price of the course. All textbooks are available through the University of Toronto Bookstore (www.uoftbookstore.com)

Strategic Leadership Certificate Questions

  1. What is the Strategic Leadership Advanced Certificate program about?
    Purpose. Process. Passion. These are the essential attributes of leadership. In other words, every successful leader knows where the organization is headed, how it will get there, and who is going to make it happen. And this five-course certificate program is designed to give you just the skills you need to achieve such confidence and success.

    Our approach to leadership development is very practical. Each individual course focuses primarily on one of the three “Ps” noted above, offering the particular knowledge, tools, and techniques you need to take effective action.

  2. What are the benefits of the Strategic Leadership Advanced Certificate?
    To be specific, the Strategic Leadership Advanced Certificate program will teach you how:

    • to be more effective as a manager and leader armed with greater self-awareness and a personal leadership development plan
    • to increase your personal impact so results will resonate
    • to determine where you want to take your business unit, organization, or idea
    • to build the excitement, commitment, and passion of your people and organization to a vision and purpose
    • to make it happen.


    The program will also help you:

    • determine where you and your organization are going
    • recognize and think through business issues
    • measure your success and get commitment from people to make things happen
    • understand leadership trends and business issues
    • round out your general business knowledge and prepare yourself for the next opportunity
    • renew your energy and focus.
  3. What are the requirements for the Strategic Leadership Advanced Certificate?
    Students must successfully complete five courses. We use a letter grading marking scheme of A, B, C, D, and F. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) may be granted for one course. See the Prior Learning Assessment Application Form for more information. Courses in this Certificate may be taken on an individual basis.

    Previous Students – Enrolled in Courses Before Fall 2009
    For students who began the program prior to Fall 2009 (when the program had a slightly different format), you must complete 90 course hours or 6 courses, whichever is greater, to meet the certificate requirements.

  4. What is the full cost of the Strategic Leadership Advanced Certificate program?
    The tuition fee for each course is $1629 and is payable upon registration. The full cost of the certificate program (5 courses) is $8,145; HST does not apply to these courses as they are a part of a Certificate Program. Course binders, handout materials, and the online assessment for the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership course are provided as part of the course fee. The cost of textbooks is not covered by the tuition fee.
  5. How do I fulfill the requirements for the Strategic Leadership Advanced Certificate?
    To complete the certificate you must successfully pass five courses. There are assignments and a paper/project/presentation for each course. Plan to spend 3-5 hours each week in preparing for class. We use a letter grade marking scheme of A, B, C, etc. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) may be granted for one course.
  6. Is there a final exam and if so, when is it and what is it worth?
    Each course has a final paper/project and this is generally submitted about 10 days after the final class. The weighting of the final paper/project varies, but generally, the range is from 40%-60% of the final grade.

For questions dealing with distance learning (online and paper-based courses) click here.

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