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FAQs for Arts & Science


How can I find out more about a course that interests me?

If a course is ongoing, write scs.humanities@utoronto.ca to request a sample outline from previous years. The content may change from year to year.

Will I be required to write exams and essays?

No. All Arts courses at the School are open-enrolment with no assignments or marks. Most learners enjoy engaging in the guided classroom discussions. But others prefer to listen only.

Can I sit in on a course as an auditor?

Since we do not require assignments or participation in classroom discussions, we cannot offer learners a discount as an auditor. Anyone can attend one or two classes and obtain a full refund if the course does not meet their needs.

University Lecture Series

In the University Lecture Series, may I register for an individual lecture of my choice or do I have to register for the entire series?

Registration for the University Lecture Series is on a subscription basis. The fee includes all ten lectures; we are sorry that we are unable to process registration for single lectures.

I have registered for the University Lecture Series but I am unable to attend one or more of the lectures. May a friend or relative go in my place? Or can I get a discount?

Each registrant gets ten substitute tickets at the first lecture in the series. A student who cannot attend a particular lecture can pass along a ticket to a friend or relative for that talk.
As well, each registered student receives two Bring-A-Friend vouchers per series. These allow you to bring a friend to one or two lectures of your choice in that series, free of charge. We cannot offer discounts for missed lectures.

I will not be able to attend all the lectures in the series in which I have registered. May I attend lectures at another location of the University Lecture Series?

Registration in the University Lecture Series is specific to each location, although you may attend lectures at other locations by invitation through the Bring-a-Friend voucher system.

Where I can find the list of speakers appearing at the University Lecture Series?

The line-up of speakers appearing at the University Lecture Series can be found on our website a few months prior to the start of the series.