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This introductory certificate covers the basic principles of accounting. You’ll learn how to measure and report financial transactions and study business applications for accounting theory. You’ll emerge with a broad overview of economic theories – both micro and macro – and know how to apply them to current issues

Featured Courses

  • 0984
    Accounting: The Fundamentals

    Whatever business you're in, this course will ground you in the basics of financial accounting. You'll start with an introduction to basic financial statements, then move through the accounting cycle and the notion of debit and credit.
  • 0980
    Economics: An Introduction

    This course covers both micro- and macroeconomics. Using real-life examples and case studies, you'll acquire a broad overview of economic theories and their application to current situations.
  • 0973
    Business Law

    Do you need to know more about the Canadian legal landscape as it applies to business? This course offers a general study of Canadian law, both its roots and related case law, with particular emphasis on its application to business. Topics include contracts, commercial transactions, fiduciary relationships, business organizations, torts, assignments, sources of law, Canada's court system, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, professional liability, the Sale of Goods Act, bailment and leasing, agency relationship, sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations.