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School of Continuing Studies | University of Toronto

U of T Creates Unique Entrepreneur Support

February 5, 2013
School News

The University of Toronto Early-Stage Technology (UTEST) program is dedicated to helping innovative, software-based ideas reach the light of day.  This initiative provides support to budding entrepreneurs at the very beginning of their business development, and is open to U of T students, including School of Continuing Studies learners, U of T alumni and faculty members.

By providing up to $30,000 in start-up funds, and office space at the MaRS Discovery District, UTEST offers many tools for the success of their applicants.  Will Walmsley, founder of Whirlscape Inc. and a member of the first cohort of UTEST, stated that “aside from the business essentials (funding, space, etc.), the UTEST program’s greatest strength is the people: mentors, colleagues, and a vast network of industry connections through U of T and MaRS Innovation.”

The program is now accepting applications for its 2013 cohort of companies.  The submission deadline is February 22, 2013. You can download Guidelines and Application Forms from the UTEST page on the U of T Research website to learn about eligibility and more details.

“We focus on software-based companies, but the founders can come from any department,” explains Lyssa Neel, co-director of UTEST at MaRS Innovation. “Software is everywhere and we recognize that commercializable ideas can arise in any discipline. Committed, passionate entrepreneurs are welcome to apply.”

To learn more about UTEST, please visit the UTEST website here.


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