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School of Continuing Studies | University of Toronto

postcards againDid you follow along with our Entrepreneurship ambassadors and now you wish there were new students sharing their experience in building a business?  You are in luck!  The School of Continuing Studies is excited to welcome two new ambassadors who are here to share the...

5tips-twNo matter where you look, you can tell it’s back to school season.  On the University of Toronto campus, we can see first-time and returning undergrads all over campus, ready to dedicate themselves to their studies and create memories that will last a lifetime. For c...

UTSCS June 12-108Are you interested in pursuing entrepreneurship, but don’t know where to start? Or do you already have a small business, but want to grow? The Entrepreneurship Certificate at the School of Continuing Studies is looking for an ambassador who is interested in pursuing e...

Chatsworth HouseIn her 20 years as a commercial photographer, Susanne Jeffery has been able to visit some of the most gorgeous homes in Great Britain.  The long-time instructor at the School of Continuing Studies is preparing to give University of Toronto alumni, including those who h...

SCS Creative Writing-006The winners of two Creative Writing awards at the School of Continuing Studies were announced yesterday at the Creative Writing graduation reception. We’d like to congratulate L.S. Redding for winning the Marina Nemat Award, and Laboni Islam for her Janice Colbert Aw...