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School of Continuing Studies | University of Toronto


utm-grad-image-v1memThe School of Continuing Studies offers new grads at the University of Toronto a helping hand with their lifelong learning through an alumni course credit that can be used towards our courses.  This year, we have increased the credit amount…

L-R: Heather Taylor,  Mitchell Ornstein, Tim Fong, Terry Lampropoulos, Gaspar Csete, Ed CarsonThe School of Continuing Studies would like to congratulate Gáspár Csete and Terry Lampropoulos, the winners of the 2015 Timothy Fong and Enrico Chir Award for Excellence in Financial Trading. Two awards of $1000 each were handed out at a…

MichaelHlinka_thumbGuest Post by Michael Hlinka, instructor at the School of Continuing Studies and author of Stalled: Jump-Starting the Canadian Economy. For fifty years following the Second World War, Canada enjoyed a period of spectacular economic growth – the economy quadrupled…

2015 pic Marilynn and cohort 7 for newsplusThe School of Continuing Studies congratulates the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) for being designated the first and only RMB clearing bank in the Americas. On March 23, the School of Continuing Studies Dean, Marilynn Booth, Director of…

heather and jeremy bw rectangleThe School of Continuing Studies welcomes two new ambassadors who, for the first time, will share their experience in Market Discovery and Intelligence, the second course in our Certificate of Entrepreneurship. We’ve seen several outstanding students through Foundatio...…