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Licensing International Engineers into the Profession (LIEP) Program

Program Overview – LIEP Bridging Program

Licensing International Engineers into the Profession (LIEP) is a unique program that offers an alternative path to P. Eng. licence. It offers professional engineering courses at the University of Toronto that are accepted by Professional Engineering Ontario (PEO) in lieu of its Confirmatory Examination Program (CEP). In addition, preparation for the Professional Practice Examination (PPE) and career development support are also offered.

Technical and Complementary Studies Courses

Three Technical Courses in either Civil, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
One Complementary studies

Professional Practice Exams (PPE)

PPE Preparation Course

Employment Success Support

Academic Credentials Evaluation through Comparative Education Service (CES) of the University of Toronto
Workplace, Culture & Professional Communication
Mentoring for Employment Success
Internship / Work Experience / Job Shadowing*
Job Search / On-boarding support

* The internship/work experience opportunities will be offered on the basis of their availability and match with participant needs. This component, while addressing the Canadian experience requirements, might or might not address PEO’s work experience requirements for licensure. The assessment of work experience is made by PEO after the academic requirements are completed.