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School of Continuing Studies | University of Toronto

Comparative Education Service (CES)

Important Notice

If you sent a communication or request to CES related to the assessment of academic credentials

  • by regular mail between July 1 and August 21, 2014, OR
  • by courier between August 1 and August 21, 2014, OR
  • dropped it off at our office between August 13 and August 21, 2014,

AND have not received a confirmation of receipt, please contact Jenova Jeyaseelan in CES immediately providing your name, telephone number and the date and purpose of your communication. Preferably, contact her by email at thushi.jeyaseelan@utoronto.ca or you may phone at 416-978-3229.

Stand out in a competitive world!

Canada’s community of individuals who earned academic credentials and work experience outside Canada continues to grow. Whether Canada already is your home, or you are hoping to immigrate as a Skilled Professional, you will want to know how your academic credentials compare to those obtained in Canada.

The Comparative Education Service (CES) can provide you with an expert assessment report that compares your academic achievements earned outside of Canada to credentials earned in Canada.

For Immigration Purposes
Need an assessment to be used with your Federal Skilled Worker Program application?
For Employment, further Education, Licensure or General Use
Need an assessment to help you find employment, to further your studies, to obtain a license to practise in Canada?
Special Offers from CES
As part of the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies (SCS), CES offers its clients discounts on SCS courses.

CES Service Updates

In this section we provide weekly updates about CES services.
  • Rush services are not available at this time.
CES estimates these current processing timeframes for:
  • General assessments (for employment, to further education, licensure, and other non-immigration purposes) is approximately 11 weeks.
  • FSWP Immigration assessments is approximately 11 weeks.
These processing timeframes are estimates only and refer to application packages received in CES office that includes all the required documents. Each application package is unique, and processing time also depends on the volume of completed applications received on a given day and the nature of each of the qualifications submitted for assessment. These processing timeframes do not include delivery.