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School of Continuing Studies | University of Toronto

Penguin Random House of Canada Student Award for Fiction

For thirteen years the School of Continuing Studies has offered this annual fiction contest for students in our Creative Writing program, with the valued support from Penguin Random House Canada. The School of Continuing Studies would like to thank Penguin Random House Canada for establishing this award and for bolstering their commitment to emerging writers; in 2012 Penguin Random House Canada pledged to double their current endowment over five years.

As part of the award, Penguin Random House Canada produces a beautiful chapbook, Three (PDF), featuring the works of the top three finalists. We are proud of the many of the winners and finalists over the years who have gone on to be published and gain audiences here and abroad.

The application process for 2016 is now closed.

2015 Penguin Random House Student Award for Fiction Finalists:

Our sincere congratulations to the 2015 winner – Leah Sandals!

Title of Entry
Name of Instructor(s)
Leah Sandals
Alissa York
Honourable Mentions Title of Entry Name of Instructor(s)
Caroline Gill
Neither Truth Nor Poetry
Robin Maharaj
Ibukun Aisha Yusuf
Play Acting
Pasha Malla
Finalist Title of Entry Name of Instructor(s)
Leslie Carlin
Ayelet Tsabari
Michelle Contant
A Tremor Through Time
Allyson Latta
Robert Delaney
Dennis Bock
Pam Dillon
As Good as Any Other
Allyson Latta
Djamila Ibrahim
Heading Somewhere
Genevieve Appleton
George Murray
Zoe Whittall
Nicholas Makos
Kelli Deeth
Ibi Kaslik
Pasha Malla
Emily Rossi
Let Her Cry
Kelli Deeth
Ray Robertson