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School of Continuing Studies | University of Toronto

U of T Summer Writing School

“The U of T writing school was a great way to plunge into tangential dialogue, surprising plot twists, and flesh out an eccentric cast of characters… and in addition to all that, I did some half-decent fiction writing while I was there.”
Vincent Lam, Author Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures: Stories, Giller Prize Award Winner, and Creative Writing Summer School Student

July 13 – 17, 2015

Join one of our five day intensive workshops for emerging writers. Steps from the subway, on U of T’s campus in downtown Toronto, we offer you a chance to learn the craft of writing from some of Canada’s finest authors:

Miriam Toews, Alissa York, Ken Babstock, Ken McGoogan, Heather Birrell, Kelley Armstrong, Ranjini George Philip, Norman Snider, and Howard Shrier..

The 2015 program features limited-enrolment, daily round-table workshops! As well, there will be one panel discussion, instructor and student readings, and the opportunity to meet and discuss your work with other emerging writers.

Sign up before June 14th to take advantage of the early bird registration fee.

Final day for registration is July 3rd.

Please submit a piece (or excerpt) you want to workshop, double-spaced, upon registration or June 29th at the latest: scs.writing@utoronto.ca

Submissions are required for the following courses only:
• SCS 2384 Dark Fantasy
• SCS 2570 Historical Fiction
• SCS 1828 Mystery and Suspense Writing
• SCS 1674 Narrative Non-Fiction
• SCS 1673 Novel Workshop
• SCS 1671 Poetry Workshop
• SCS 1993 Screenwriting
• SCS 1672 Short Story Workshop
• SCS 2706 Writing the Memoir
• SCS 2883 Writing the YA Novel

Submissions will be posted onto Blackboard, and made accessible to your classmates. You will be e-mailed access to Blackboard on June 29th. We ask that you read all submissions before your first day of class.

Deadline to withdraw from The U of T Summer Writing School is 5 p.m. Friday July 10th. To withdraw, please e-mail learn@utoronto.ca.

U of T Summer Writing School Courses

2203 Creating Comics and Graphic Novels
2384 Dark Fantasy
2570 Historical Fiction
2202 Introduction to Creative Writing
2763 Meditation and Writing Retreat
1828 Mystery and Suspense Writing
1674 Narrative Non-Fiction
1673 Novel Workshop
1671 Poetry Workshop
SCS 1993 Screenwriting
1672 Short Story Workshop
1994 Songwriting
2706 Writing the Memoir
2883 Writing the YA Novel
taught by Willow Dawson
taught by Kelley Armstrong & Eve Silver
taught by Marina Endicott
taught by Heather Birrell
taught by Ranjini George Philip
taught by Howard Shrier
taught by Ken McGoogan
taught by Miriam Toews & Shyam Selvadurai
taught by Ken Babstock
taught by Norman Snider
taught by Alissa York
taught by Michael Johnston
taught by Marina Nemat
taught by Anne Laurel Carter