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School of Continuing Studies | University of Toronto

Certificate in Project Management

Project Management Institute Registered Education Provider Logo The School of Continuing Studies is a Project Management Institute (PMI) registered education provider.

This certificate consists of three courses. It provides a comprehensive overview of project management and prepares you to manage large and small scale projects. It covers both the hard skills of cost, time, quality and risk management of a project and the crucial soft management skills necessary for effective long term success in managing projects.

The Certificate in Project Management consists of three courses; Foundations of Project Management, Leading Projects in Organizations and Project Implementation and Control.

Certificate Requirements

  • This certificate requires the successful completion of the 3 required courses: Foundations of Project Management, Leading Projects in Organizations and Project Implementation and Control. There are three equivalent delivery methods – Evening in-class, Online and Professional Day Seminars. Students can take any combination of delivery methods to obtain their certificate.
  • Students have two years from the start date of their first course to complete the certificate, however extensions will be granted to students requiring additional time due to Certificate changes.
  • Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) exemption may be granted for a maximum of one course.

Please click here to see our brochure.

Evening in-class and Online Courses

SCS 1860 Foundations of Project Management
SCS 1952 Leading Projects in Organizations
SCS 1937 Project Implementation & Control

Professional Day Seminars

SCS 2468 Foundations of Project Management (available only in Fall and Winter Semesters) 6 days
SCS 2314 Project Management Essentials: Part 1 3 days
SCS 2485 Project Management Essentials: Part 2 – Project Monitoring and Control 3 days
*Project Management Essentials Part 1 and 2 are equivalent to SCS 2468 Foundations of Project Management.
SCS 2316 Project Management Essentials for Construction
*Can be taken in place of SCS 2314 Project Management Essentials Part 1.
3 days
SCS 2469 Leading Projects in Organizations (available only in Spring/Summer Semester) 6 days
SCS 2470 Project Implementation & Control (available only in Winter Semester) 6 days

Certificate Learning Outcomes

  • Collectively, the three courses in the certificate cover all the relevant body of knowledge defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in the PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK-5® Guide).
  • Successful graduates of the U of T certificate program would be well prepared to take the Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam preparation course, and then proceed to write the PMP Exam, provided they meet all the relevant experience requirements to write that exam. The success rate of SCS’s learners who complete the PMP Exam prep course in passing that Exam exceeds 85%.
  • The certificate learners would be able to successfully apply the PMI’s recommended processes, tools and techniques to develop a comprehensive project plan for a relevant project in their organizations that includes: (i) the project charter, (ii) the project’s scope and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), (iii) the project’s cost-base line, and (iv) the project’s schedule and critical path.
  • The learners would also be able to apply the PMI’s recommended processes, tools and techniques to develop all the targeted project’s subsidiary plans including the project’s: (i) quality management plan, (ii) human resources management plan, (iii) communication plan, (iv) risk management plan, (v) integration management and procurement management plan, and (vi) stakeholder management plan

The PMI Registered Education Provider logo is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

Upon completion of your certificate requirements, you must request your certificate by submitting a Certificate Request Form. Click here to complete the form online.