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School of Continuing Studies | University of Toronto

Certificate in Enterprise Architecture

With the rapid growth of technology and the impact of the Internet, information, intelligence and technology have radically changed how business is conducted. It is important that business understands the most basic applications of information to make it meaningful, timely, and accurately aligned to the right decision makers. This, however, is difficult to do nowadays with the vast availability of data and information. Enterprise Architecture is to provide a framework for the business to implement new applications and systems to manage the lifecycle and value of business processes. It aligns business strategy and IT infrastructure to maximize the returns of investment while minimizing the total cost of ownership to sustain and grow the business. This certificate program introduces the fundamental and advanced concepts of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and how an organization can utilize EA to meet today’s business competition.

Required Courses

SCS 2690 Foundations of Enterprise Architecture
SCS 3105 Enterprise Architecture Development & Governance (this replaces SCS2691 Business and Information Architecture)
SCS 2692 Tools and Applications in Enterprise Architecture


Learning Outcomes

  •  To understand the fundamental concept of Enterprise Architecture
  • To recognize the business needs and process in Enterprise Architecture and to apply the best strategy for the implantation
  • To know how to protect and secure enterprise information, meet compliance requirements, and make it accessible for business analysis at the right time.
  • To illustrate the difference models used in Enterprise Architecture
  • To apply technologies effectively in the context of Enterprise Architecture
  • To demonstrate a well designed Enterprise Architecture business plan to meet today’s competition

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for those who want to learn about the field of EA. Most ideal candidates would be IT Project Managers, Business Architects, etc. Although this is NOT a technical program, a high level of business analysis skills is most desirable.

Certificate Requirements

  •  This certificate requires the successful completion of the 3 required courses.
  • Students have two years from the start date of their first course to complete the certificate.

The main themes of the program by course are shown below:

1. Foundations of Enterprise Architecture

This course introduces the basic concepts of Enterprise Architecture and examines its classification, taxonomy, models and framework. The following architecture domains will be covered: Business, information, technology, security, application, software, service-oriented and their inter-relationships as well as integration of domains and governance. Strategic planning of Enterprise Architecture, including implementation and planning will be presented in the course.

2. Enterprise Architecture Development & Governance

This course builds on the Foundations of Enterprise Architecture (EA) course and takes a practical/applied approach as it takes a deeper dive into the Business, Information, Application, Technology and Security Architectures. The course also describes the Governance and management of EA decisions that are needed in an EA practice, in order to ensure traceability between architectural and implementation decisions, etc.

3. Tools and Applications in Enterprise Architecture

This course provides an overview of the technologies used in Enterprise Architecture. It includes the studies of ROI and TCO in relationships to the application evaluation and selection process. The trends of the technology will also be reviewed


Upon completion of your certificate requirements, you must request your certificate by submitting a Certificate Request Form. Click here to complete the form online.