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School of Continuing Studies | University of Toronto

Certificate in Business Technology Management

Business Technology Management (BTM) is an emerging integrative management discipline that seeks to integrate the decision making processes of business management and the management of information and communication technology ICT into a comprehensive, coherent framework that builds bridges between the previously isolated tools and standards of the two disciplines of business management and technology management.

BTM is promoted by the newly established Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow’s ICT Skills (CCICT), an industry-led coalition of employers, universities and industry organizations, founded by Bell Canada in 2007. The CCICT’s mission is to bring Canada’s 21st century technology-related careers to the forefront, and achieve practical solutions to an alarming decline in ICT-related post-secondary enrolments, historically low female participation, and significant shifts in demand – against the backdrop of a growing need for every industry to embrace the tools and methods of the knowledge economy.

Certificate Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the certificate the learner will have acquired the ability to:

  • Understand the underlying concepts of Business Technology Management
  • Understand the principles of BTM at both the strategic and the operational levels of the enterprise organization.
  • Make informed decisions about the organizational changes needed in his/her organization to enhance the strategic and operational effectiveness of BTM in that organization
  • Develop a well-designed BTM organizational plan to enhance the enterprise’s strategic competitiveness
  • Deploy technologies effectively to improve operational effectiveness of the organization

Certificate Requirements

  • This certificate requires the successful completion of the 3 required courses.
  • Students have two years from the start date of their first course to complete the certificate

Required Courses

SCS 2744 Foundations of Business Technology Management

SCS 2745 Leadership and Management of Business Technology in Enterprises and Organizations

SCS 2746 Tools, Techniques and Applications of Business Technology Management