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School of Continuing Studies | University of Toronto

Certificate in Business English – Advanced

This program for professionals, which builds on the skills from the Certificate in Business English for International Professionals, will polish your language use for the most demanding and scrutinized areas of professional communication. This advanced program will improve written skills for e-mails, letters and reports, and it will enhance your speaking skill for complex business exchanges, such as negotiating and persuading, giving presentations, and participating in meetings. You will join other internationally educated professionals in an active-learning environment with meetings, case-study analysis and role-playing. Independent work outside the class will encourage you to put your newly acquired skills to use in your business and professional life.

Certificate Benefits

  • Study on a part-time basis
  • Show your employer your ability to advance in management through your commitment to professional development and personal growth
  • Tools and confidence to demonstrate your skills, knowledge and potential for greater career success
  • Ability to interact efficiently and appropriately in time-sensitive situations
  • Broaden your range of tones and registers (forceful, assertive, diplomatic, informal and formal) for sensitive and nuanced business negotiations
  • Learn the unspoken rules of business English
  • Receive feedback about areas needing improvement
  • Sophisticated language and communication skills to complement your professional expertise

Required Courses

Anyone who begins before then can complete the program as per the previous requirements.

These courses are offered for non-native speakers of English who have advanced English proficiency. Students have two calendar years to complete the requirements of the Certificate. Students, however, may also take each of these courses individually.

Recommended Pre-Requisite

Certificate in Business English for International Professionals

Upon completion of your certificate requirements, you must request your certificate by submitting a Certificate Request Form. Click here to complete the form online.